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>> The "Gelgoog Jaeger" in the OVA had an ace pilot
>> at the helm, obviously. He wasted several GMs, and
>> aquitted himself pretty well. :-)
> And the way he went about it, he was almost as bad
> as Cima of 0083 was in her Gelgoog Fs. Flick here,
> flick there, ram straight into the GM.
> *ouch*.

Or, think of it the other way, the "GM Commands" were
no match to "Gelgoog Jaeger" performance-wise and
pilot-wise. :)

>> In fact, all the Zeon MS in "0080" are top
>> performing variants, so we have all the Porsches
>> and Ferraris in the show for an enjoyable 3 hours.
>> ^_^
> Unfortunately, most of them had reduced operational

> range as a result. I don't really know if it's worth

> the offset, but damn they looked good. =)

That's why both "Gelgoog Jaeger" and "Rick Dom II"
have auxiliary fuel tanks to make up the deficiency, a
luxury Zaku FZ and Kampfer didn't have :-/

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