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>>> Still, 0080 seems to have less publicity than the rest of the Gundam
>>> series. Was there a particular reason why it wasn't as "hot" as shows like
>>Because there are fewer fights, fewer "booms" and fewer PBC shots. Eye
>>candies, as you put it. :-)
>>Bye, Vincenzo
>Well according to me doesn't ZZ have the least pulicity? since Bandai wishes
>it never existed hee hee!

        BTW, very good point, Vincenzo. =) I missed that one. doh.

        0080 and ZZ... well, personally speaking I can find books, manga and
stuff describing ZZ much easier than 0080. There's at least 2 manga that I
know of that deals with the ZZ era or thereabouts -- at least, in the
relative timeframe (specifically, Revival of Zeon). Kondo does quite a bit
of work on ZZ era, and heavily slanted towards Zeon. I wonder why.

        0080 on the other hand, being an OVA, the books are just that much
harder to get hold of. A lot of Gundam fans knows of ZZ, but some never
heard of 0080.

        Kits-wise, both series are hard to get, especially in the 1/100 scale.

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