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Sun, 26 Sep 1999 19:44:32 +0200

Chris Beilby wrote:
> Venchenzo, where did you find MS Era for $23 US? I have never seen the book
> for any less than $30, and that was years ago. This book is next to
> Impossible to find now (Although with the possibility of a reprint coming up
> later this year, that may be changing. :) )
SOB! SOB! Why you all English-speakin' persons cannot write my name
correctly? My name is Vincenzo, a typical if a little old fashion style
first name.
I bought it in the '95 in a comic shop near S. Peter Square in Rome,
where I live. A friend of mine bought it a couple years before at about
37 $ in a convention.
In the same style of MS ERA I did a photo trick, putting a Rick Dom II
near our unknow soldier monument.

Bye, Vincenzo

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