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Thanks to Paul Fields for the humorous list of GM benefits! As for the
more serious followups...

>Gelgoogs were never MASS PRODUCED, I put it
>there for a reason... <GRIN> Most comparisons do
>break down in the light of Officer type units.

  As has been pointed out, the Gelgoog was a complete mass-production
design intended to replace the Zaku and Dom series. More to the point,
there's not really such a thing as an "officer's mobile suit", any more
than you see officer's tanks and officer's jet fighters in the real
world. Sometimes highly skilled pilots will customize their mobile suits
for higher performance, but no all-new mobile suit was ever designed from
scratch for use only by elite pilots.

  (Of course, there are always lots of weird un-produced prototypes that
serve this role...)

>If anyone's wondering, my perfect GM would be the
>Powered GM from 0083 with two beam pistols, and
>no command armor... It'd be really fast, and deadly
>as it needed to be, problem is no shield, so you have
>to be fast... kind of what Char would pilot if he were
>a Fed pilot...

  Actually, the GM Sniper series are pretty close to this concept. The
original Sniper Custom is a hot-rodded custom version, with high
performance and laden with weapon mounts, while the subsequent Sniper II
and GM Custom are more of a mass-produced "GM plus."

-- Mark

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