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I'm not going to say much on this subject - it's largely a matter of
taste, and I already got to weigh in on the matter.

  But, that said, I don't think you could plausibly criticize Gundam W
for being derivative without condemning Gundam X for the same exact
reasons. I personally think Gundam W did a better job of stealing - the
creators grabbed more of the good stuff. But your mileage may vary.

  If it's originality you want, then there's always G Gundam. By
formulating the concept of multiple Gundams with different national
identifications, it provided the initial template for the heroes of
Gundam W, which was in turn further ripped off by Gundam X...

Now, we do have a couple of plot points regarding Endless Waltz that I
should address.

Roger writes,

>Well EW really kinda messed me up in its logic. Gundams in GW take down like
>whole bases by themselves but together they can't take on a few serpents?

  The Serpent is more of a Gundam-level mobile suit, like the Mercurius
and Vayeate. It's armored with what's essentially a cheap substitute for
Gundanium alloy, and pretty heavily armored. Factor in the 50-to-one odds
(which Trowa remarks on, though he doesn't take it very seriously), and I
was amazed the Gundams were left standing at all. As demonstrated in the
TV series, it is possible to wear down a Gundam if you throw a huge
enough quantity of mobile suits at it.

>Why exactly did Wing 0 fall apart?

  It took a far bit of damage in the duel with Wufei - more than you'd
notice unless you step through the animation in slow-mo. Not only is
Heero holding back, but - according to the novelization - he even
protects the Altron Gundam during re-entry, at further cost to his own
Gundam. (Not that this was clearly shown, even in the extra movie
footage.) Wufei also lands several good hits on the WIng Zero, lopping
off its shoulder and landing a blow to its chest that takes out not only
the main search eye but also (as per the novelization) the Zero System itself.

  In all, the Wing Zero was pretty thrashed when it hit the water, and by
the time it starts blasting it's actually rather a mess.

Flanker writes,

>Not to mention the fact that The twin buster rifle drains a large
>amount of power(Supposedly it overheats after 3 shots or something, but
>quote me on that, I heard it on this list a while ago, Maybe Mark or -Z- can
>shed some light on that).

  The original Wing's rifle runs off stored energy, of which it has
enough for only three shots at maximum power. The Wing Zero doesn't have
this limitation, but since it lacks the external generator of the
Tallgeese III's cannon or the Vayeate - even the shoulder generator of
the Virgo - it's a complete mystery how its rifle is powered. You could
say that the depiction in Endless Waltz is more consistent with Gundam W
physics than the inexhaustible energy supply it had in the TV series.

> The physics of EW is not that inconsistent from GW, notice that in
GW the
>only shots being fired at the Gundams are the silly machine gun of the Leo

  Beam rifles also don't do diddly to the Gundams; recall that they had
to drag out the Taurus beam cannon to put a dent in the Deathscythe when
it was drifting in space. Doberguns seem unable to pierce Gundanium
armor, but they pack enough kinetic punch to knock 'em over, and our
heroes are often kept reeling for minutes on end by a barrage of Dobergun
impacts. The damage the Gundams sustain during the battle with the
Serpents of this variety - sheer wear and tear from an endless hail of
bullets, bazooka shells, missiles, and whatnot.

-- Mark

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