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Paul Fields asks,

>Does anyone know the LAST names of the three
>Zeon pilots in the Black Trinary, and how old they
>were when they died... Ranks and other info would
>be appreciated too...

  "Gaia" is apparently the man's last name - the MSV kit manuals gave his
name as "A. Gaia". He was a lieutenant (naval rank) when he died; the
ranks of Mash and Ortega were never given, but it's frequently guessed
(e.g. by Kazuhisa Kondo) that they were lieutenants junior grade, since
they seem roughly equal to Gaia in status. Ages unknown, but perhaps in
the same mid-30s range as fellow veteran Ranba Ral.

>I'm doing a Famous People chart for my Mekton
>0080 Game, the one I have right now is only really
>good for Zeta Gundam.

  See the MS Classics and Ace Pilots sections of the Gundam Project for
some more One YEar War aces...

>On another note are there any famous Zeon pilots
>who were Defectors from Earth (Not counting Char)

  Only Thomas Kurtz, though the ranks of Zeon's 5th Terrestrial Mobile
Division presumably include many other Federation defectors and
volunteers from other colonies. For example, Roy Greenwood hails from
Side 4. And after the end of the war, famous test pilot Elliot Lem
defects the other way, going to work for the Federal Forces...

-- Mark

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