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> Wing Zero Custom is re-entryable only when the wings are enclosed around
>it, During the fight with the Nataku, W0C was without that protection for
>awhile. That and the high altitude free fall into the ocean didn't do it
>good. Not to mention the fact that The twin buster rifle drains a large
>amount of power(Supposedly it overheats after 3 shots or something, but
>quote me on that, I heard it on this list a while ago, Maybe Mark or -Z- can
>shed some light on that). The W0C was visibilly bruised when it re-emerged
>from the ocean.

That's the thing! It wasn't visibly bruised when it went into the ocean.
why after? It only had the battle damage from the fight with Nataku. it
didn't have that much damage when it dunked itself. does it mean it took
all that damage fighting all the way to the target area? that was never
shown, so it's kinda like a big mystery.

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