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> IMO, you are both too closed and too open minded. If that's the case,
>they could just make a new Zaku outta Gundarium and call it a Gundam.
>Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)
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  You see the reason I favor the UC timeline is because that's the first
show that caught my attention as a kid. Is not that I didn't try to
appreciate the other spinoffs but after watching the first 12 episodes of
gundam W, I felt that they ripped off some of elements found int the
original gundam's storyline. What really ticks me off is the abuse of using
gundam designs for a dull story. For me alternative means a new design that
doesn't necessary have to look like the old thing but having some hints of
it. The best examples are, the colors of RX-78-2, the mustache symbolizing
the v horn and the beam weapons found in Turn A. You said that they could
just make a Zaku from gundarium and call it gundam. Well that is different
from what I think. When we look at zaku the first thing that comes into our
minds are the typical color schemes, the spikes and the pink monoeye. Turn
A doesn't have those elements, it has the gundam colors and the horn to give
you the impression of a gundam.
   You said I'm a bit close minded, well yes in a certain way. The stories
from UC timelines are very deep and that can appeal to the older audience.
The new spinoffs (not counting turn A since they weren't done by Tomino)
just didn't have the good stories to catch the older and more mature
generation. The content and subject matter int these new spinoffs was more
like geared towards kiddie shows. I'm not young anymore, so the typical
dragonball fighting style in g-gundam just throws me off. Turn A is
different, yes. But let's not forget that the gundam designs are getting
too repetitive and if you go to
you'll see the authors of the site saying it was a breakthrough with this
new design. It might not be Syd's best designs, but hey at least it's
original, so give him a break. And for those who don't know Syd Mead, he
was the guy who designed the mechanics for Blade Runner and Aliens(yeah kick
ass movie). So are you telling me this guy doesn't know how to design??
And it wasn't his decision to come up with a wacky design, if I remember
correctly, it was Tomino's decision to come with such a wacky design. And
Tomino is the man, it was his decision and I respect that.
   What's more important is if the stories are crap, no matter how good the
designs are, it will eventually become degrading. In my graphic design
class, my instructors said, " No matter how good or catchy your packaging
is, if the product isn't good or it doesn't deliver the quality, then it
won't get to the consumers." So in this case, Turn A is the packaging and
the story is the actual product. So if the story do eventually fly, people
will start to appreciate its design. Now take a look in the model
magazines. What series of gundam models is Bandai making money from? The
UC timeline. Mainly from the old schoolers like OYW,Z, ZZ and CCA. So are
they good designs?? Perhaps, but what I think it all comes down to the
storylines. Those Series had some pretty good storylines and that's what
captures peoples's heart. I mean look at The O or Biggro. Are those good
designs?? But how come people still buys them like crazy?? It all comes down
to the overall combination of story and design. If they both deliver then
everything is heaven.

  Again I must stress out that I'm not bashing any G,W, or X fans out there,
it's just that those designs dont' appeal to me due to the overall content.
Now everyone must be thinking "So you're saying that if this story turns out
to be crap then you'll hate the design for sure?" The answer to that is no.
  Because I appreciate the daring move for a breakthrough. Or maybe because
my art teachers moulded my thinking by stressing on originality or totally
out there designs. UC timeline gundams will always be in my heart and it's
that nostalgic feeling that really makes me to appreciate them. Everything
else will be looked into the ever so unexpected future that awaits us.

P.S. I guess it's time for you people to bash this silly old crazie me ;p

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