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> Hmmm...I'm beginning to get Master Asia's point here. we have buster
>> rifles like TallgeeseIII's, which can knock out whole asteroids, but the
>> Wing's twin busterrifle shakes it apart? And besides...wasn't the Wing
>> meant to be reentry capable? hell, all 5 were supposed to be reentry
>> is all the damage explained? was it because of the fight
>> with Nataku? did nataku damage it that much?
> Wing Zero Custom is re-entryable only when the wings are enclosed around
>it, During the fight with the Nataku, W0C was without that protection for
>awhile. That and the high altitude free fall into the ocean didn't do it much
>good. Not to mention the fact that The twin buster rifle drains a large
>amount of power(Supposedly it overheats after 3 shots or something, but don't
>quote me on that, I heard it on this list a while ago, Maybe Mark or -Z- can
>shed some light on that). The W0C was visibilly bruised when it re-emerged
>from the ocean.

If you'd recall to the beginning of Gundam W you'd notice that Zechs
successfully drove Heero out of Gundam W and it was spotless. Tallgeese isn't
gundanium (to my knowledge) so wouldn't actually using something like
his buster rifle blow him up good. Plus all the gundams are gundanium which
means they CAN go through the earth's atmosphere w/out problems.

>> It seems that the physics in EW is a little different from GW. In EW, the
>> 5 gundams were pretty trashed up at the end of it. Compare this with GW
>> where the gundams are always spotless after a fight. I don't remember
>> Nataku doing any damage to Wing 0. There wasn't much visible damage when
>> Wing 0 was aiming the twin buster rifle at the underground base. Then
>> again, I could wrong. A good reason to go through EW again. ;)
> The physics of EW is not that inconsistent from GW, notice that in GW the
>only shots being fired at the Gundams are the silly machine gun of the Leo,
>and the Wing Boys do dodge Buster Rifle shots(if you recall Trowa+Heero in
>Vayeate+Mericurius Vs. Quatrre in the W0).
> In GW the 5-Gundams were fighting just groups of say, 10-20 Leos and
>Aries(which are not that great in the first place with their silly machine
>guns), and the 5 Boys were out for blood, showing no mercy to enemy pilots.
>In EW, Serpents are much better than the previous bad-guy mechas, and the
>Boys w/Zechs+Noin were trying hard not to injure enemy pilots.
Anything less than a beam rifle could possibly hurt a gundam, besides even
without ammo beam sabers/scythes should be able to take down the rest like
knives through butter


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