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>"Neglected child" theme is VERY heavy in Brain Powerd. I watched Ideon SO
>long ago, my memories are too vague to comment, but there was a very strong
>mother-child theme in that one. If you watch Tomino's works carefully, he
>is always quite heavy on the mother-child theme, one of which is a child who
>is mentally twisted (is that the word?) due to maternal neglect. (I didn't
>quite catch on to this theme until I was older and a mother myself.)
>I've never read anything about his childhood, but I have noticed his
>viewpoint on war is very similar to my parents', who are about the same age
>as he is, and has very bitter memories of growing up in Japan during WWII.
>Many kids were orphaned during the war. Another thing that impacted a lot of
>kids from that generation is that they were sent away from their parents to
>live with distant relatives in the rural areas to protect them from the
>bombings. It was called "sokai" and many of these kids were abused and
>poorly treated. I know these types of experiences really influenced the
>thinking of the people from his generation. I wonder what happened with his
>mother... Does anyone know?
>mirai yashima
Wow.. thats really sad.... I don't know that much about Brain Powerd since I
only saw the first 2 episodes. But most likely his past is what you described
but mentally twisted is not really how I would describe his characters. I
would say more of a depression or sadness in a way due to, like you said
parental neglect and I guess longing for the love of family. Another reason
(i'm guessing) could be his parents were workaholics? (0079, Zeta)

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