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>From: "Kaworu Nagisa" <17thangel@tokyo-3.com>

> Hee hee ^^; *cough* Anyway, could it possibly be that
> the good man was once a neglected guy himself? Was it
> also like that too in Ideon?
>Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

"Neglected child" theme is VERY heavy in Brain Powerd. I watched Ideon SO
long ago, my memories are too vague to comment, but there was a very strong
mother-child theme in that one. If you watch Tomino's works carefully, he
is always quite heavy on the mother-child theme, one of which is a child who
is mentally twisted (is that the word?) due to maternal neglect. (I didn't
quite catch on to this theme until I was older and a mother myself.)

I've never read anything about his childhood, but I have noticed his
viewpoint on war is very similar to my parents', who are about the same age
as he is, and has very bitter memories of growing up in Japan during WWII.
Many kids were orphaned during the war. Another thing that impacted a lot of
kids from that generation is that they were sent away from their parents to
live with distant relatives in the rural areas to protect them from the
bombings. It was called "sokai" and many of these kids were abused and
poorly treated. I know these types of experiences really influenced the
thinking of the people from his generation. I wonder what happened with his
mother... Does anyone know?

mirai yashima

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