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>> Is that coming out in america?
>Yep, sure is. In fact, its made by Americans and I think, so are the robot
>designs. I think, in an Interview I read in a PC game magazine, the game
>creators where influnced by giant robot anime.
I saw screen shots of early Power Slave development and the mecha were
virtually idendical ripoffs of Evangelion. Since then I've noticed the
mechs have changed. I wonder if Gainax had a talk with them?

Anyway, on to Gundam games, half the fun of Zeta and Char's are the
revamped animations. They make the mediocre gameplay bearable.

I thought the Battlemaster games were great. I'd love to see another one.

And Bandai can make a really good game when it wants to, anybody play Tail

and finally...
Anybody plan on getting Front Mission 3?


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