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> But
>>who cares, when you can have Thunderbird 2, an Angel Interceptor and
>>(coolest of all) an Eagle instead? ^_^
>In my opinion, the design of the Agua Verde transport ship piloted by
>Bernie Wiseman (under the assumed identity of Walter Pederson) in Gundam
>0080 is an homage to the Space: 1999 Eagle.
        I'll have to pay closer attention to it next time I watch it,
but I think I remember thinking "those windows look familiar"... ^_^

>Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation also inspired Go Nagai's puppet series, X
>Bomber, dubbed into English as Star Fleet. What goes around, comes around....
        Do you have any other information on that particular series you
could e-mail to me? I've been a fan ever since I saw it in childhood,
and I know some people who would be interested. We know that Go Nagai
was involved, the origins of the show, and a few bits and pieces but any
other information would be very welcome! Thanks in advance...!

>Some years ago, one of the Japanese comedy shows (Tunnels?) did a Saturday
>Night Live style parody called Thumderdirds, in which live actors were made
>up to look like the puppets and imitated their stilted movements.
        Theres actually been a live, two person, theatre act
(Thunderbirds Are Go?) that did something similar, though it was less
parody and more homage. (they had a nice line in hats, too - only way
they could show Thunderbird 2 on its way to a disaster!) I believe the
same duo are now doing a homage to Ray Harryhausen (sp?) films...
        Oh, and the ill fated live action movie...

>And who could forget Dire Straits' music video of "Calling Elvis"?
        Er... me? I did forget that one...! Theres also a very recent
music video, not sure who by, that also parodies an episode of
Thunderbirds involving giant alligators. (but no-one is to mention
International Rescue by Fuzz Box...!)

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