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That's about the only Endless Waltz I'm sure I
did see, and I'll tell you it was either the heat of
the rifle, like sand turning to glass near a nuclear
blast, or.... Basically the machine being absorbed
by its one last effort, ala Char's Counterattack
Char's spirit feeds the Nu Gundam pushing back
the Asteroid... Gundam is full of these... Dozul
Zavi died with this great scarry Newtype aura
flash. All of Camille's dead girlfriends, and other
chicks spirits helped him finish off Scirroco, but
his brain became goo in the process...

Basically you get one really impossible feat at the
end of the movie, but someone has to die for it...


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> Master Asia wrote:
> > Why exactly did Wing 0 fall apart? I know its supposed to be a dramatic
> > of the ending in which it falls apart entering earth but, it just fell
> > water!!
> When Nataku and Wing Zero re-entered earth, you can see that both the MS
> were scotched rather badly. Wing Zero only started to fall apart when it
> used the twin buster rifle. Since we never did see Wing Zero use its
> twin buster rifle until that scene, my guess is that the twin buster
> rifle actually causes damage to any MS using it.
> Jorge.
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