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>Jorge Lee wrote:
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> > Does anybody have any idea what MS Era is about?
> >
>You miss something truly great.
>Try to imagine a photo book, an hystorical photo book. And then place it
>before, during and after the OYW. The "photos" (sometimes B/W, you can
>see same in the ending of 0080) despicts normal life and war actions.
>There are several "jokes": in a photo we see Rau Sleggar, Matilda Ajane
>and Christina McKenzie together, in another we see the downed Kampfer.
>Then in a pair of photos we see the Cyclops team. We see the rear of the
>RX-78 ("a prototype"), the torso of the destroyed of the Alex while
>Christina carried away, (you will not see a note talking about
>"Gundams"!) the battle of Salomon (in an angle we spot the Pegasus) but
>I think that one of the greatest "jokes"
>Alas this beautiful and rather inexpensive (I payed it about 23 US
>Dollars) was done before 0083 an 8th MS team and is no longer "canon"
>(We see the Zaku FZ during the battle of Roum, where the best MS
>developed was the MS-06).
>Bye, Vincenzo

Venchenzo, where did you find MS Era for $23 US? I have never seen the book
for any less than $30, and that was years ago. This book is next to
Impossible to find now (Although with the possibility of a reprint coming up
later this year, that may be changing. :) )

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