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Richie Ramos wrote:

> Hmmm...I'm beginning to get Master Asia's point here. we have buster
> rifles like TallgeeseIII's, which can knock out whole asteroids, but the
> Wing's twin busterrifle shakes it apart? And besides...wasn't the Wing
> meant to be reentry capable? hell, all 5 were supposed to be reentry
> is all the damage explained? was it because of the fight
> with Nataku? did nataku damage it that much?

It seems that the physic in EW is a little different from GW. In EW, the
5 gundams were pretty trashed up at the end of it. Compare this with GW
where the gundams are always spotless after a fight. I don't remember
Nataku doing any damage to Wing 0. There wasn't much visible damage when
Wing 0 was aiming the twin buster rifle at the underground base. Then
again, I could wrong. A good reason to go through EW again. ;)


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