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>>YUP! That was what was so refreshing about it. It's an alternate take on
>>Char! it's what char would have been in stranger times, and is.
>I guess so just that Zechs , if you'd notice had no exact reason to blow
>up, he just did it because Epyon showed him his future or something. Why
>anyone choose him to be leader of white fang when he's an earthborn man?
>Neo-Zeon were just people who wanted to liberate space with any means
>possible. I don't get that.
>- Roger

It wasn't just the future. Epyon had a Zero system, which showed ALL
possible futures, and then sifted the Most possible into view. Knowledge
like that would eventually drive someone mad. Which is precisely what
happened. As for his being a leader, it's not his being an earthborn man
that's that he was from the Line of Peacecraft. remember how
Relena was a figurehead because of it? well, same goes for Zechs.

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