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>> Why exactly did Wing 0 fall apart? I know its supposed to be a dramatic
>> of the ending in which it falls apart entering earth but, it just fell in
>> water!!
>When Nataku and Wing Zero re-entered earth, you can see that both the MS
>were scotched rather badly. Wing Zero only started to fall apart when it
>used the twin buster rifle. Since we never did see Wing Zero use its
>twin buster rifle until that scene, my guess is that the twin buster
>rifle actually causes damage to any MS using it.

Hmmm...I'm beginning to get Master Asia's point here. we have buster
rifles like TallgeeseIII's, which can knock out whole asteroids, but the
Wing's twin busterrifle shakes it apart? And besides...wasn't the Wing
meant to be reentry capable? hell, all 5 were supposed to be reentry is all the damage explained? was it because of the fight
with Nataku? did nataku damage it that much?

On closer inspection, that is something to consider eh?

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