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I just wanted to voice my opinion here, even though the most I've seen of
Turn-A is the opening sequence.

I'm a BIG fan of things like DC comics' "elseworld" series - where they take
an established storyline (Batman, for example) and tweak it, just slightly.
(What if Thomas and Martha Wayne found the crashed Kryptonian spacecraft?)

Turn-A takes all the established Gundam stuff, and puts a nice little spin
on it. We're not quite sure which timeline it's supposed to be in (or maybe
it's in all of the timelines), but there's older MS, and a few new ones, and
some wacky designs based on the general premise of Gundam. (The Turn-A for

Sometimes different may not be good, but it CAN be interesting, especially
in such a completely established universe as the Gundam one.

I've never seen the series but I'm gonna go ahead and consider myself a
supporter. And I'm probably going to get Gundam X if they ever release it in
the US, too.

Matt "pointless babble" Hanyok
"Amazing. You spoke all that but didn't actually say anything."

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