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>Seems like every month or so we have the GM debate
>well before another one resurges, I got a few things I'd
>like you all to consider. I present for your amusement,
>10 Things to like about 0079 GMs
>10. Better Melee Weapon than any other Mass Produced Unit.
>9. Better Sensors than any other Mass Produced Unit.
>8. Only Beam Weapon for a Mass Produced Unit.
>7. A shield thats as good for the shoulder as it is for the body.
>6. You don't outfly your wingmen, like a Gundam does.
>5. It has an upgradeable core block.
>4. Better weapon selection than even a Zaku.
>3. Headcannons.
>2. No Ball jokes
>and the number one reason its better to be a GM pilot...
>1. People only seem to steal Gundams...
    Saying it was an earth battle I would really think a Dom could beat a GM
considering both were Aces, sure it has no beam weapons but since theres no
luna Titanium I think a Dom would definitly win. But in space the Rick Dom
would just be evenly matched.Besides I'm a real big Dom fan!

- Roger

I may rant and I may trail off but at least I'm a damn cool guy!

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