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>hmmm...that's funny. i'm of two minds (again) on EW.
>EW ending, just like F91, rubbed me the wrong way. i
>hate definite closures and "happily ever after", in
>the same way i hate indefinite "this is only the
>beginning" closures. errrgh!
>there is that "let's make it like the good old days"
>self-inflating quality in EW that was targetted
>specifically at g wing fans. while that's most
>certainly logical, it doesn't do much for people who
>disliked g wing. EW did two things for me -- what i
>liked in g wing, i liked even more (the duo maxwell
>antics, wufei ranting, utopian ideal of pacifism).
>what i disliked, i disliked even more (upstart kids
>running the world, loophole ridden political pretzels)
>while i enjoyed watching EW, i have to say critically,
>that i could have lived without watching EW. it
>didn't really advance the AC universe in any way, and
>the entire EW could have (should have?) been included
>in the g wing series. at least...that's what i
Well EW really kinda messed me up in its logic. Gundams in GW take down like
whole bases by themselves but together they can't take on a few serpents? and
Why exactly did Wing 0 fall apart? I know its supposed to be a dramatic repeat
of the ending in which it falls apart entering earth but, it just fell in
water!! I dunno I guess your right in saying that I'm just saying that because
its an alternate universe. But I can't say that this was an indefinite ending
since it shows you what happens to everyone in the credits so it more like a
half and half ending.

- Roger

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