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> Gelgoogs were never MASS PRODUCED, I put it
> there for a reason... <GRIN> Most comparisons do
> break down in the light of Officer type units. And
> I'm a GM fan, but not of one that ever got
> anywhere...

Every official Gundam references have stated clearly
that MS-14A "Gelgoog" was a mass produced MS, through
the production began near the end of One Year War so
they were not as numerous as Zaku and GMs, and
certainly too late to turn the tide against the
Were the Gelgoog being rolled out a couple of months
earlier, it might be your favorite MS by now ;)

> If anyone's wondering, my perfect GM would be the
> Powered GM from 0083 with two beam pistols, and
> no command armor... It'd be really fast, and deadly
> as it needed to be, problem is no shield, so you
> have to be fast... kind of what Char would pilot if
> he were a Fed pilot...

Too bad the "0083" mechas didn't bridge well enough
with the "Zeta" era, otherwise the 0083's GMs would be
everyone's favorites. I like the simple RGM-79C "GM
Kai" a little more than the others...

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