Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 01:48:52 -0400

>Actually I don't own a Turn A model YET. Some people complain how ugly the
>gundam looks. But actually I'm glad that it looks different from its
>predecessors. Reason? Well let's just say the new spawns of gundam series
>ruined the whole gundam image. No offence to any alternate gundam fans out
>there, but I just can't appreciate the new series that has nothing to do
>with the UC timeline. But what really bothers me it how they take the basic
>gundam designs(the face, beam saber and etc..) and abuse it in these
>spinoffs. Now some might hate me by saying this but that's how I felt after
>watching these spinoffs. The only thing that can catch my attention is the
>UC timeline stories. Now Turn A, that's a very interesting subject. Yes we
>know that it's an alternative timeline spin off BUT it doesn't use the old
>gundam designs we see in the other spinoffs and that is why I respect this
>gundam design more. It's original,wacky and abstract. In a way this breaks
>off the typical gundam design we see all time. I'm glad to see this change.
>I like to see originality in a new series and not recycled contents. I
>guess that's how Tomino felt and decided to go for a non-gundam look for his
>new series. Well I must say he did a good move. And what if this new
>series doesn't sell as well as the older ones? Well, they can always go
>back to the UC timeline. The possibilities are endless. Now before I wrap
>up I know everyone is entitled to give their opinions and I respect that but
>I just hope I didn't offend anyone by saying what I had to say about the new
>gundam. Because I do like the new design.

 IMO, you are both too closed and too open minded. If that's the case, they could just make a new Zaku outta Gundarium and call it a Gundam.

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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