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>Your just giving me good/bad guy groups and telling me they remind you of
>amuro and char.

aye, but that is the point. the characters don't have to have everything
perfectly copied...just the mere echo is enough to get them going into the
gundam way. GUndam will always need that one villain who may or may not be
wearing a mask, but is in his own way charismatic, just as the good guys
(whatever that may be in gundam) will need a young kid to be there for the
prototype. all other stories that revolve around them are fodder for
bandai's machine.

>That is true but in Wing its not as you say, an Echo as you say he's totally
>char. Mask, blond hair, blues eyes, mask. Plus the totally "drop the
colony on
>earth" attitude not to mention the final showdown with Heero. He also had a
>sister on the other side.

YUP! That was what was so refreshing about it. It's an alternate take on
Char! it's what char would have been in stranger times, and is.

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