garrick lee (
Sat, 25 Sep 1999 22:28:02 -0700 (PDT)

hmmm...that's funny. i'm of two minds (again) on EW.

EW ending, just like F91, rubbed me the wrong way. i
hate definite closures and "happily ever after", in
the same way i hate indefinite "this is only the
beginning" closures. errrgh!

there is that "let's make it like the good old days"
self-inflating quality in EW that was targetted
specifically at g wing fans. while that's most
certainly logical, it doesn't do much for people who
disliked g wing. EW did two things for me -- what i
liked in g wing, i liked even more (the duo maxwell
antics, wufei ranting, utopian ideal of pacifism).
what i disliked, i disliked even more (upstart kids
running the world, loophole ridden political pretzels)

while i enjoyed watching EW, i have to say critically,
that i could have lived without watching EW. it
didn't really advance the AC universe in any way, and
the entire EW could have (should have?) been included
in the g wing series. at least...that's what i


> I agree EW was quite good, and I don't mind having
> more gundam model kits
> either . But they kinda all look like girls and the
> girls look like guys thats
> kinda creepy.But you gotta admit X wasn't THAT bad
> and ZZ well i have nothing
> to say about that. I watched all of gundam wing and
> well it didn't appeal to
> me as much as a Street Fighter-like Gundam G. And
> have you ever noticed that
> in all of tomino's stories its about neglected
> children (Evangelion, most of
> Gundam). Thats the only real theme I see repeating.
> Roger
> -End
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