Paul Fields (
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 00:51:32 -0400

Gelgoogs were never MASS PRODUCED, I put it
there for a reason... <GRIN> Most comparisons do
break down in the light of Officer type units. And I'm
a GM fan, but not of one that ever got anywhere...

> Sure, but GMs are Federal Force's very own cannon
> fodder compare to Zeon's Zakus. Oh well, since you are
> a GM fan, I won't say more... :P

Well that's ok... it wasn't really for debate... just a
little thought experiment to see if I could come up with
10 nice things to say about a GM...

I also like Gelgoogs, but for practiality's sake would
aspire to have my perfect GM, instead of traking down
a Gelgoog Jaeger, the GM would be easier to find...

If anyone's wondering, my perfect GM would be the
Powered GM from 0083 with two beam pistols, and
no command armor... It'd be really fast, and deadly
as it needed to be, problem is no shield, so you have
to be fast... kind of what Char would pilot if he were
a Fed pilot...


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