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> Seems like every month or so we have the GM debate
> well before another one resurges, I got a few things
> I'd like you all to consider. I present for your
> amusement,
> 10 Things to like about 0079 GMs

> 10. Better Melee Weapon than any other Mass Produced

> Unit.

Not necessarily so. "Gelgoog" has twin-beam sword /
beam naginata which is just as powerful as Gundam/GMs'
beam sabre (see Gato's "Gelgoog" hacked a GM in two
halves in the opening of "0083").

> 8. Only Beam Weapon for a Mass Produced Unit.

Again, Gelgoog has twin beam sword, and the recent
retcon of MG "Rick Dom" shows it has beam bazooka /
beam launcher. So GMs are not all adventageous...

> 7. A shield thats as good for the shoulder as it is
> for the body.

It's true that GM's armor is a cheaper version than
that of Gundam, but it's still tougher than the shield
it helds. Zaku's heat hawk can dent GM's shield, &
Gouf's heat sabre hacked off Gundam's shield in half.
A couple of powerful shell hits can blown away the
shield, but it needs a few more to cripple GM's armor.

> 2. No Ball jokes

Sure, but GMs are Federal Force's very own cannon
fodder compare to Zeon's Zakus. Oh well, since you are
a GM fan, I won't say more... :P

> and the number one reason its better to be a GM
> pilot...
> 1. People only seem to steal Gundams...

I would sneak out with a Gundam too if I piloted the
2nd rate GM long enough... Just ask Terry Sanders of
the "08th MS Team" what he thinks of GM and Gundam :)

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