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>From what I've read on the 'Net except for the SD mecha crossover stregty
>games, Bandai's games are lacking in areas. Why can't someone make a good
>Gundam or Macross game, it shouldn't be that hard. About the Dreamcast and
>PS2, there will be good looking and playing games, then there will be good
>looking, but mediocre games. Is there any good or decent Gundam or other
>mecha games? I would like a Virtual On style Gundam game, that's as accurate
>as possible to Gundam, Macross, etc.

I still have high hopes fo vfx-2. Bandai's a corperation, if they don't
lose money they'll never try to improve they're products. Once they feel
they're losing ground to other mecha games (which I believe they are)
they'll actually try to make the best games they can.
     I liked virtual on, but I think an armored core type gundam game
would kick ass. The mecha would be customizable to a degree (like color,
insignia, weapons) and if you had the money you could buy a whole new
mecha. Like you'd start off as a GM, but could work you're way up to the
Gundam or whatever (depends on the series). Personally, I think 8th MS
team would kick ass as this type of game.

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