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>> The Gelgoog you saw in "0080" is MS-14J "Gelgoog
>> Jaeger" (a.k.a. "Gelgoog Sniper"), not the MS-14F
>> "Gelgoog Marine" appeared in "0083".
> ...(snip) There's a red gelgoog flying around, and
> one scene it eventually gets blown up.

I don't think so. the only MS the got blown up are
(mostly) "space-combat GM Commands", with a few Zaku
FZs. The "Gelgoog Jaeger" in the OVA had an ace pilot
at the helm, obviously. He wasted several GMs, and
aquitted himself pretty well. :-)

> After watching this scene a few times, I've
> concluded that the Jaegers must be predecessors to
> the marines. My guess, at least.

No, it isn't. 0080's "Gelgoog Jaeger" and 0083's
"Gelgoog Marine" are developed separately so they are
not related to each other tech-wise. Moreover,
according to Mediaworks' "Gundam Mechanics" vol. 1
databook, MS-14JG "Gelgoog Jaeger" has the highest
performance in the "Gelgoog" series, followed by
MS-14F "Gelgoog Marine" and then MS-14B "Gelgoog High
Mobility Type". In fact, all the Zeon MS in "0080" are
top performing variants, so we have all the Porsches
and Ferraris in the show for an enjoyable 3 hours. ^_^

> Another question tho - what's the deal with those
> cylinders on the back of the skirt armor? They
> look like extensions for the thrusters, but I can't
> figure out their use.

Those are auxilary fuel tanks for extending MS' combat
radius, and it has been discussed many times on this
ML. You can read about the related discussions in more
details by search through GML's previous achives:

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