Paul Fields (
Sat, 25 Sep 1999 23:49:20 -0400

Seems like every month or so we have the GM debate
well before another one resurges, I got a few things I'd
like you all to consider. I present for your amusement,

10 Things to like about 0079 GMs

10. Better Melee Weapon than any other Mass Produced Unit.
9. Better Sensors than any other Mass Produced Unit.
8. Only Beam Weapon for a Mass Produced Unit.
7. A shield thats as good for the shoulder as it is for the body.
6. You don't outfly your wingmen, like a Gundam does.
5. It has an upgradeable core block.
4. Better weapon selection than even a Zaku.
3. Headcannons.
2. No Ball jokes

and the number one reason its better to be a GM pilot...

1. People only seem to steal Gundams...


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