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> Exactly, Omega Boot is pretty mediocre. VFX-2's fighter is great, not
> perfect though. In the demo there wasn't much difference between the
> three speeds, all that happenned is the enemy fighters went
> faster/slower, and you couldn't go farther or closer to any of the back
> drop, it was like you weren't moving at all at some points. Hopefully
> this'll be fixed in the full version.

games, Bandai's games are lacking in areas. Why can't someone make a good
Gundam or Macross game, it shouldn't be that hard. About the Dreamcast and
PS2, there will be good looking and playing games, then there will be good
looking, but mediocre games. Is there any good or decent Gundam or other
mecha games? I would like a Virtual On style Gundam game, that's as accurate
as possible to Gundam, Macross, etc.


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