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> > The Gelgoog you saw in "0080" is MS-14J "Gelgoog
> > Jaeger" (a.k.a. "Gelgoog Sniper"), not the MS-14F
> > "Gelgoog Marine" appeared in "0083".
>okay, after a few people said this, I went and watched the episode again.
>It's the scene where Bernie is flying that transport into the docks.
>a red gelgoog flying around, and in one scene it eventually gets blown up.

IIRC, it does NOT get blown up. The interestring thing about this Gelgoog
is the Color scheme, which matches Char's color scheme. Of course, we know
that he's nowhere near Grenada at this point in time...

>After watching this scene a few times, I've concluded that the Jaegers must
>be predecessors to the marines. My guess, at least. Another question tho -
>what's the deal with those cylinders on the back of the skirt armor? They
>look like extensions for the thrusters, but I can't figure out their use.

Actually, they are external fuel tanks, similar to those used on several
other Space Use Mobile Suits, such as the Rick Dom.

> > By the time White Base left Side 6 (December 18, UC
> > 0079). Zeonic's prototype Gelgoog and Zimmad's
> > prototype Gyan was completed not too long ago, ready
> > to compete for the mass-production contract. Char's
> > prototype Gelgoog YMS-14 is in fact a limited edn high
> > performance version assigned to ace pilots, in which
> > Anavel Gato also got one (the opening of "0083").
> > Char's YMS-14 Gelgoog was already tested and certified and the field
> > gathered. They never bother to give him a normal Commander's type
> > Gelgoog because there really isn't that much difference.
>Ah! I get it! Thanks guys, I almost went into complete brain relapse there,
>it was really confusing me. I had just watched that part of the movie
>trilogy (the third movie, when they leave side 6) when one of my friends
>came over and we watched 0080, otherwise I don't think I would have caught
>the little detail.

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