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> F91 is probably a better introduction, for many reasons. It's probably
> They really worked hard on F91 and the level of detail in the backgrounds
> of the space colonies is incredible, but it was a flop and even
> AnimeVillage is loath to take a chance on it, despite having an official
> subtitled master in hand.

I'm really hoping they reconsider releasing it - I mean, they're bringing
out 08th MS, GW, and EW next year, why not throw in a one-tape movie? I
really want to see F91, anyhow.

> The compilation movie trilogy remains the best entrée into the Gundam
> in terms of both length (2 to 7 hours) and level of detail, but perhaps
> also balk at 20-year-old animation styles. In that case, you're left with
> one or the other of two Gundam TV series: Z Gundam and V Gundam.

yeah, I love the movie trilogy but the animation is kinda dated. It's good
animation, but unless you WANT to watch them, it's hard to get others into
it. I also expected Zeta Gundam to be the next series they would release
here, not Gundam Wing. (Mostly because I figured they'd try to get the UC
timeline stuff over here first, but that's what the fans would do. A company
would go for $$$.)

> Z holds up surprisingly well in the animation department and was, to my
> mind, the peak of storytelling in the UC timeline. (I'm biased,
however --

I've heard nothing but good things about Zeta. Hopefully it will come out
here, one day.

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