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> Well I am sorry to disappoint you, but I think Omega Boost sux. It is not
> the
> most boring game I ever play, but it is getting there. The opening intro is
> very good, p[ossibily better than the Gundam ones in PSX.The gameplay is
> very
> repetitive. All you have to do is "lock" the enemy and shoot missle at
> There is absolutly no point for the machine gun.I played 3/4 levels and I
> just
> can't tkae it any more. For the boss character, you only need to circle
> around
> it and keep "lock" & shoot. I think CCA is the best still since there is
> actually point for guns and other weapons.
> Just my opinion... the game might get really, really good at the end, but I
> can't bring myself to finish it :-(

And it was made by the people that did Gran Tursimo, sigh... I read a review
of the American version and wasn't impressed with it, because the review said
the same thing that you said about the controls. So, all you do is lock &
shoot and breeze through the game, wheres the fun and challenge in that? Lock
on is a good feature, but if done wrong, can make the game way too easy. I
don't like super difficult where the games unbeatable, I like a beatable
challenge. Hope Macross VFX-2 is better then Omega Boost and the first VFX
game, which I bought and was disappointed with.


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