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>What is MS Era? Is it an anime or a book? There are some cut scenes in
>the feature that suggest an anime source. However, further in the
>magazine, there is an advertisment on a book, MS Era 0099, that is to be
>release on 10th Nov. It's 3500yen with 156 pages. It's published by
>Mediaworks, the same publisher for Dengeki Hobby.
>Does anybody have any idea what MS Era is about?

It's about 155 pages. (^_^);; Sorry, I just couldn't resist....

M.S. Era - The Documentary Photographs Of The One Year War - Mobile Suit
Gundam 0001~0080 (1990.3.30, Bandai, ISBN4-89189-474-1) was a somewhat
spurious UC timeline combined with original illustrations, many of them
taken from the OP/ED credits of the Gundam 0080 OAV. They were done up to
resemble a collection of photographs taken during the One Year War. The
book was produced by Studio Hard in association with Tajima Design Company
Ltd and published by Bandai as a 10th anniversary coffee-table sort of
book, the likes of which we're getting now for the 20th anniversary. It
was 2,800 back in 1990.

The book's most striking feature is that the text of the timeline and
captions is in English, albeit pretty bad English, as a result of which it
became a Bible for those Gundam fans who couldn't (or wouldn't try)
decipher Japanese. The many factual errors and outright inventions of
Studio Hard thus became embedded in English-speaking Gundam fandom for the
next five years, before Mark Simmons and others began debunking them online.

Hopefully, this new edition will correct the English grammar, if not the
many egregious fictions. I expected taht it would incorporate OP/ED credit
art from 08th MS Team and possibly Gundam 0083, since a lot of the images
could be made out to be from the 1YW, but the page count that you cite is
the same as it ever was, so they can't've added anything new unless they
threw something else out.

We'll find out in November, ne?


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