Neil Baumgardner (
Sat, 25 Sep 1999 19:25:51 -0400

Paul Fields wrote:

> Um guys... about that Mekton game..
> I'm working on an 0080 right now myself,
> and am in Northern VA, willing to drive for
> a good game... Let me know.

    Wow! Great, I didnt think there were many, if any, other DC area fans on the
    Well, I've been thinking and working on this for quite a while now actually,

    although I still have some more work and tweaking to do. Incidentally, I
    0084 for several reasons. One I wanted to be able to use the 0083 MSs, esp
    GMs. I also wanted to tie up some... shall we say loose ends from 0083.

    If anyone is interested, e-mail me back. Not sure when I can be ready to get

    going, but this tells me to get off my but and get it ready. At the least we
could get
    together, watch some Gundam, talk about it and the game.

    Neil Baumgardner

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