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> okay guys, I watched 0080 last night and had to
> watch the scene twice to make sure I wasn't seeing
> things... There's a gelgoog marine in 0080, I'm
> sure of it. You don't see very much of it, but I'm
> positive that there's one in there.

The Gelgoog you saw in "0080" is MS-14J "Gelgoog
Jaeger" (a.k.a. "Gelgoog Sniper"), not the MS-14F
"Gelgoog Marine" appeared in "0083".

> Now, if I remember correctly, about the time that
> 0080 takes place, White Base is leaving Side 6, and
> Char still has his gelgoog "prototype" that they're
> testing. What gives? did I miss something?

By the time White Base left Side 6 (December 18, UC
0079). Zeonic's prototype Gelgoog and Zimmad's
prototype Gyan was completed not too long ago, ready
to compete for the mass-production contract. Char's
prototype Gelgoog YMS-14 is in fact a limited edn high
performance version assigned to ace pilots, in which
Anavel Gato also got one (the opening of "0083").

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