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>> Mysterious Cities of Gold is a retitled and dubbed Child of the Sun Esteban
>> (1982).
>Is there any tapes of Mysterious Cities of Gold? Its the cartoon with the
>golden robot bird, right? If so, I barely remember it from when I was kid and
>would love to watch it again.

There are no commercial tapes or discs of which I'm aware. Polydor
released a soundtrack album that I've been trying to find for ten years
now, but that's the only commercial tie-in. No toys, but then the Condor
and that Ulmec flying ziggurat were the only real mecha in the show.
Everything else is strictly 16th Century except for a few leftover Mu

I recorded it off-air when it ran, but I missed a few episodes and, since
they're not numbered in any way, I couldn't tell you which I'm missing
without rewatching the entire series.


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