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> You forgot Thunderbird Six, though that only appeared in one of
>the movies... it was a small yellow biplane. Really! Oh, and the
>"unofficial" member of the team, that most refined of motor vehicles
>Lady Penelopes stunning six wheeled, pink, Rolls Royce...

I didn't forget Thunderbird 6, I simply ignored it, as it was a joke.
"Brains" (Hiram Hackenbacker, actually) spent the entire movie trying to
invent a new, fabulous Thunderbird and in the end we get a cropduster.

Mention of London agent Penelope Creighton-Ward and her man Parker leads
away from the primary topic, which is the Thunderbirds themselves. FAB-1
is a fun machine, but it's just 007's Aston-Martin with a pedigree.

I didn't pursue Technoboyger/Thunderbirds 2086 for the same reason. There
were *17* TB machines in that series, some of which had merely been special
equipment hauled around in Thunderbird 2 in the original show.
(Specifically, TB16 is the Mole, now called a Subterranean Tunneler, and
TB12, the Multifunction Flatbed, is pretty much the same gadget that was
used to rescue the Fireflash in the original series.) But, since you
mention TB6, they had a TB6 to beat all: a 15km ( mile) space colony in L5!

AD 2086 would be UC 0042....


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