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>>I guess your right but it kinda bugs me that I know these girls that LOVE
>>those wing boys and they look like girls.... Its supposed to be an
>>hmm.. I replied to the wrong thread last time (d'oh I meant to reply to
>>RE:Nether Gundam). Well at least i got my point through beside I didn't hate
>>gundam wind this much but every time I go through gundam web sites I always
>>run into those hentai gundam wing site with the pilots in err... friendly
>>situations.. MY VIRGIN EYE's!!!!
>I think it's supposed to be a Marketing improvement. in all fairness to
>GW/EW, it's slick, and it was designed with a particular audience in mind.
>if it is the series that will make profit for bandai, and will make it able
>to make more gundams, then I'm all for it. As for the what?
> Most gundam timelines echo themes started in the original. it may be
>changed slightly as time goes by, but the themes are still there. The only
>thing that I found funny in GW/EW was the use of the sentai theme within
>Gundam. the hentai/bishounen aspects are inevitable, all things
>considered. I just think of it as creative marketing. and personally, I
>found EW actually good. One needs to watch the whole GW series to
>understand it, of course, but it was very good, in my eyes, if only for the
>fact that the pacing was more modern, as compared to the "evil mecha of the
>week" style of the older series, which was the standard for its time.
>"Magic is the hand of faith..."
I agree EW was quite good, and I don't mind having more gundam model kits
either . But they kinda all look like girls and the girls look like guys thats
kinda creepy.But you gotta admit X wasn't THAT bad and ZZ well i have nothing
to say about that. I watched all of gundam wing and well it didn't appeal to
me as much as a Street Fighter-like Gundam G. And have you ever noticed that
in all of tomino's stories its about neglected children (Evangelion, most of
Gundam). Thats the only real theme I see repeating.




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