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>Anavel Gato? Kuo Uraki?

Gato was an Ace from the Zeon and Kou was a test pilot. Gato didn't care about
Kou at all until he blew up his GP02.
Amuro and char were newtypes, and Char main directive was to destroy RX-78
from the beginning. I don't see how that mirrors gundam 0079
>the eyepatch guy in F91/Crossbone? the lead guy of f91?
How is that like Char? I could understand if your saying the girl from F91
because that'll mirror Sayla Mass, but those guys didn't even give a crap
about each other, the lead guy wanted his girl back thats all.
>Chronocle? Usso?

>i think though the echoes are not exact, there are traces all over UC.

Your just giving me good/bad guy groups and telling me they remind you of
amuro and char.
That is true but in Wing its not as you say, an Echo as you say he's totally
char. Mask, blond hair, blues eyes, mask. Plus the totally "drop the colony on
earth" attitude not to mention the final showdown with Heero. He also had a
sister on the other side.



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