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At 07:40 PM 9/24/99 , Richie Ramos wrote:
>>Of all of the Mobile Suits over the UC continum, Crossbone Gundam most
>>closely resembles a swiss army knife. It has 2 regular beam
>>(I believe when in the core buster mode, they function more like a beam
>>launcher), 1 medium range beam gun shaped like a flint lock pistle, a
>>beam zanber which combined with the beam gun can be used to fire a
>>atomic shell. 2 set of familiar 60mm vulcan guns, 2 more machine
>cannons, 2
>>scissor anchor for close quarter combat. 2 beam shield that can be
>>into offensive weapon brand marker, very useful for very close quarter
>>combat. and 2 heat dagger just in case you really ran out of weapons.
>>unlike some of the other Mobile Suits, they use every last bit of the
>>weapons on these Gundams.
>That actually sounds more like some of the old robots, specifically the
>likes of Daimos, which had all sorts of martial arts weapons coming out
>its body. The normal complement of a gundam seems to be the sabers, a
>bazooka, a rifle and a shield. Where the heck were all the weapons

Actually the storage is quite reasonable. The heat daggers are store at
the shin of each leg, the way some real life soldier stores their extra
knifes. Beam Gun and Beam Zanber which are not that big in size are
store at both sides of the waist. The scissor anchors and chains are at
the front of the waist, and receed back to the body when not in use.
60mm Volcan is at the head. Machine cannon is at the chest, and the beam
saber/launcher is stored horzonitally at the shoulder near the head, and
it goes into the core booster. The brand marker/beam shield is mounted
at the back of each forearms. Oh, I forgot, the Crossbone Gundam also
comes with a anti-beam cloak that is good for stopping one or two shots
from a beam rifle. Since it requires no power, I suppose it has its
purpose. Of course, it also makes the MS looks cool.

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