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>>Actually, I have a similar story that's happened many times. Whenever I try
>>to explain Gundam to someone, they think it's just another "giant robot"
>>show, so I sit 'em down and make 'em watch the first two episodes of Gundam
> Which leads me to a question: In your opinion, which UC series is
>the best for introducing Gundam to a non-Gundam fan?
> IMO, I'll say either 0080 or 0083, since the OYW, Z and ZZ are all a
>bit too long for introduction play, and CCA requires the viewer to at least
>know a bit of history.. =) I'll go with 0080, which has a nice,
>uncomplicated story, rather than 0083, which has some... plot holes you can
>walk a Dom through. =)

First, I make them watch 0083, since it's the mecha which always gets them
to watch it in the first place...then, I hit them with 0080...then they get

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