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>well, by your logic, you could say that of the whole
>gundam universe. since all the gundams take off from
>another and they all look so alike. turn a gundam
>would be the only one that isn't a "bootleg" gundam.
>and look how much flak THAT got. :P

Actually...based on the avialable info the list has given me on TurnA, it
is still revolving around the alienated son theme and all that...tomino's
still doing that sort of thing.

>you're only saying that because it's an alternate
>universe. :P but if you take a look at the u.c.
>series, many plots, themes and overtones are used over
>and over again.

I would have to agree with this one: GW/EW gets a lot of flak for being
so...different...well, that's why it was AC.

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