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>I would rank wing up there with one of the all time crap series. The story
>so "bootleg", the point of hiring new writers for the alternate universes
>to make a few original stories not a messed One Year War, Char's
>and 0083 rolled up into one short, badly drawn series.

What's bootleg if the guys who made it are the guys who made the original?
perhaps they are rehashing the themes, but then...they are entitled to do
that. What's important is how they rehashed it.

>I mean I could understand you if you say X is boring and hell yeah its
>but Wing is totally just plagerism. Why Tomino Yoshiyuki let that guy write
>such a story is beyond me. Not just that but MS's of the series are also

Careful with the term plagiarism. it's legal in their case.

>Wing just hints at a rejected Zeta. Shenglong/altron just reaks of Dragon
>G and also the ideas of different nationalties of the pilots just reminded
>too much of G Gundam.

so does the Airmaster, actually, if compared to the Zeta...which also has a
viable gerwalk mode in the kit version of the MS...interesting neh? I
wonder where that came from. and the Virsago is actually the daddy of the
arm design for the Shenglong, I think.

Wing has taken from a lot of anime precedents, just like G Gundam itself
has taken from old chinese movies, from DragonBall, from the thematics of
any old cartoon involving family members on different sides (Mazinger Z,
Grandizer, Mekanda, to name a few).
so G gundam can also be knocked for copying too much of everyone
else...same with a lot of gundam, really, which also copy stuff from other
cartoons as it sees fit, like the patlaborish feel of the kampfer, which
was noted in an earlier thread, and the idea of the Ggundam's control
system goes as far back as Daimos.

>I know it was really popluar but it annoys me when copycats take so much
>credit geez..

they all copy from each other. i think it's just a fair thing, since we
the viewers and toy-buyers get more stuff to see and collect.

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