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>I guess your right but it kinda bugs me that I know these girls that LOVE
>those wing boys and they look like girls.... Its supposed to be an
>hmm.. I replied to the wrong thread last time (d'oh I meant to reply to
>RE:Nether Gundam). Well at least i got my point through beside I didn't hate
>gundam wind this much but every time I go through gundam web sites I always
>run into those hentai gundam wing site with the pilots in err... friendly
>situations.. MY VIRGIN EYE's!!!!

I think it's supposed to be a Marketing improvement. in all fairness to
GW/EW, it's slick, and it was designed with a particular audience in mind.
if it is the series that will make profit for bandai, and will make it able
to make more gundams, then I'm all for it. As for the what?
 Most gundam timelines echo themes started in the original. it may be
changed slightly as time goes by, but the themes are still there. The only
thing that I found funny in GW/EW was the use of the sentai theme within
Gundam. the hentai/bishounen aspects are inevitable, all things
considered. I just think of it as creative marketing. and personally, I
found EW actually good. One needs to watch the whole GW series to
understand it, of course, but it was very good, in my eyes, if only for the
fact that the pacing was more modern, as compared to the "evil mecha of the
week" style of the older series, which was the standard for its time.

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