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>i really hate categorizing series (or anything at all)
>as "best" or "worst". it's all subjective, and gets
>nowhere. no one series is "best" or "worst" to me.
>> I would rank wing up there with one of the all time
>> crap series. The story is
>> so "bootleg", the point of hiring new writers for
>> the alternate universes was
>> to make a few original stories not a messed One Year
>> War, Char's Counterattack
>> and 0083 rolled up into one short, badly drawn
>> series.
>methinks wing had better artwork and designs
>(character AND mecha) than g gundam. at the very
>least, wing didn't have those wacked-out kung fu moves
>(no "shining finger" either...) and goofy dragonball
>premise. storywise, i'd say they were both the same
>quality -- i'm just able to like (and dislike, for
>that matter) different aspects of both.
>overall, i think g wing is a good retelling. could
>have been better. not as good as it's made out to be,
>but not as crappy either.
>> I mean I could understand you if you say X is boring
>> and hell yeah its boring
>> but Wing is totally just plagerism. Why Tomino
>> Yoshiyuki let that guy write
>> such a story is beyond me. Not just that but MS's of
>> the series are also
>> bootleg.
>well, by your logic, you could say that of the whole
>gundam universe. since all the gundams take off from
>another and they all look so alike. turn a gundam
>would be the only one that isn't a "bootleg" gundam.
>and look how much flak THAT got. :P
>> Wing just hints at a rejected Zeta. Shenglong/altron
>> just reaks of Dragon from
>> G and also the ideas of different nationalties of
>> the pilots just reminded me
>> too much of G Gundam.
>the neo-bird is just plain ugly (as is the airmaster
>fighter mode).
>dragon gundam -- shenlong -- virsago.
>no big deal. at least the shenlong/altron and virsago
>kits have better arm extension than the dragon gundam.
> not to mention that they look better.
>heavyarms -- leopard.
>uh..hmm, both have the same dumb knife. 'nuff said.
>> I know it was really popluar but it annoys me when
>> copycats take so much
>> credit geez..
>you're only saying that because it's an alternate
>universe. :P but if you take a look at the u.c.
>series, many plots, themes and overtones are used over
>and over again.

Not True gundam UC century was mostly written by tomino and most part of the
UC gundam series don't repeat the same plots. Themes might have been repated
but plots? I doubt that. Have you ever seen another Char Aznable or likeness
of him in the UC century? The only thing that come close would be his memory
clone from Gaia Gear.



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