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>> I've also noticed that sometimes in Evangelion, the music is reminiscent
>> of some of the themes from Gerry Anderson shows...
>IIRC, Gerry Anderson was responsible for producing the (comparatively recent)
>Space Precinct which, although it is a live action series, has a very strong
>feel of being Supermarionation but with real people instead. The acting ain't
>as good as Thunderbirds either....:o)
        But I like the music. ^_^ Unfortunately, most of Gerry Andersons
live action shows have suffered from comparisons with his puppets. But
who cares, when you can have Thunderbird 2, an Angel Interceptor and
(coolest of all) an Eagle instead? ^_^
        I forgot a couple of other Gainax references to Anderson shows -
anyone who has seen Nadia of the Mysterious Seas has already probably
just about killed themselves laughing at the Thunderbirds parody that
appears there, while the infamous Otaku No Video carries a handy
reminder that a couple billion tons of lunar rock should no longer be
hanging over our heads... ^_^

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