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>>Wing just hints at a rejected Zeta. Shenglong/altron just reaks of Dragon
>>G and also the ideas of different nationalties of the pilots just reminded
>>too much of G Gundam.
> Ha ha ha ha ha! True true... but looks at it this way,
> W is the sequel of G. Characters are supposed to be an
> improved (redesigned) version of the former series. I
> guess I could compare this to Combattler V & Voltes V.

I guess your right but it kinda bugs me that I know these girls that LOVE
those wing boys and they look like girls.... Its supposed to be an improvement
hmm.. I replied to the wrong thread last time (d'oh I meant to reply to
RE:Nether Gundam). Well at least i got my point through beside I didn't hate
gundam wind this much but every time I go through gundam web sites I always
run into those hentai gundam wing site with the pilots in err... friendly
situations.. MY VIRGIN EYE's!!!!



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