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Um guys... about that Mekton game..
I'm working on an 0080 right now myself,
and am in Northern VA, willing to drive for
a good game... Let me know.


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> Der UberHanyok wrote:
> > > umph. i live on the other half of the world. :P
> >
> > ah well. I'm sure I'm not the only Gundam Nut in the DC area.
> Nope, not at all, I live in Arlington. If I can ever get off my
> but, I've
> been meaning to get a 0084 Mekton game going. If that fails, I could
> go
> back to my heavily modified Palladium Robotech game. Interested?
> I also have a decent amount of models, books and videos.
> There's at least two other Gundam/Robotech fans that I know of in the
> as
> well.
> Oh and BTW, as for anime stores in the area, here's the basic
> Pandora's in College Park, MD is probably the best. Lots of videos for
> rental at
> least. Decent model stock too. Next is Creature Zone in Rockville.
> got a
> better model selection (last weekend they had the new Zaku III kit,
> kit,
> MG Dom, Turn A). Not quite as good video selection though. Around
where I
> live there's Anime Pavillion. Well nowadays they suck in both the
> categories. They've never had videos for rent and since their
> on
> attending cons, their in-store model selection is now near
> They do
> have a pretty good selection of artbooks though. There's also a place
> Anime FX in Springfield, but that's a bit far for you. Besides they
> double the
> reasonable prices for models and they stopped renting fansubs.
> Neil
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